19.01.2016 - 24.01.2016

Event is organised by the Scottish Dancing Group of the Studio "Beltane Bonfires".

The 7th Scottish Culture Festival will be held, as usual, in the end of January in Cheboksary. It begins on January 19 and finishes on January 24, just before the birthday of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.

The detailed information about the festival may be found at:

The festival requires a good amount of money, and we ask your help in spreading the information about the festival, and, of course, we expect you to take part in festival's events..

Feel yourself Scottish!

Festival programme

Date, time Event Location
Tue 19.01.2016
Scotland from the bird's eye Lyceum №4,
4/19 Chernyshevsky str., Cheboksary
Wed 20.01.2016
Evening of Scottish poetry National Library of Chuvash Republic,
15 Lenina pr., Cheboksary
Thu 21.01.2016
Concert of Elmira Galeeva and Yulia Ziganshina 
«My soul cannot rest…»
Chuvash State Doll Theatre,
15 Prezidentsky boul., Cheboksary 
Fri 22.01.2016
Concert of "Wallace Band" (Moscow) Loft bar ARCHIVE,
3 Moskovsky pr., Cheboksary 
Sat 23.01.2016
City festival and contest of English fairy tales The palace of children's arts, 
English Club "Llyn-din" 
14 Prezidentsky boul., Cheboksary 
Sat 23.01.2016
Scottish Dancing Workshop for advanced dancers,
Yulia Tkacheva (Moscow) 
DK Khyzangaya,
54A Zoi Yakovlevoy str., Cheboksary 
Sat 23.01.2016
Scottish Social Dancing DK of Cheboksary Agregatny Factory, Dance hall 
1 Mira pr, Cheboksary 
Sun 24.01.2016
Scottish Dancing Workshop for all dancers, 
Yulia Tkacheva (Moscow) 
DK Khyzangaya 
54A Zoi Yakovlevoy str., Cheboksary