Spring School of Scottish Dancing 2017

The fifth anniversary Spring School of Scottish Dancing 2017 was held in Kazan from May 5 to May 9. There was record number of 184 participants from all parts of Russia. This year we also had first guests from abroad. There were many beginners from the cities that never participated in previous schools, so we can say that the popularity of Scottish dancing in our country is constantly growing.

The School program included the workshops in all styles of Scottish Dancing: 22 hours of Scottish Country Dancing, 8 hours of Highland dancing and 12 hours of Ladie’s step and hard shoe dancing. Fiona Grant taught step dancing and gave two SCD classes, the rest of SCD was taught by Malcolm Brown and James Stott. Famous Deryck Mitchelson was the teacher of Highland Dancing.

11 brave dancers from different cities attended two week teachers course with James Stott and took exams for the RSCDS Teaching Certificate Part 1 (Units 2 and 3).

As in previous years, the Highland Dancing competition (according to the SOBHD rules) and UKA exams were ogranized.

For most of the classes we had live music by outstanding Ian and Judith Muir. They also played at our ball on May 7 and at social dancing on May 8. Their fiery music will be long remembered by our dancers. Anatoly Isaev from Russia played for the Highland Competition. 

In addition, we also had a festival of Scottish Country Dancing display teams, adjudicated by Malcolm Brown. This year there were 4 teams from Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar. Team 'Sinn Araon' from Krasnodar took the first place in the prescribed dance cathegory. 'Quick Scotch' from Nizhny Novgorod won first place in the display dance cathegory.

School was a great success and we can't wait for the next year's school!


Fiona Grant

Fiona likes to dance, especially to Scottish music. Many years ago while a student she joined Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society and got so hooked on Scottish Country Dancing that she danced her way to the University Award in Physical Education and then took the RSCDS certificates.

Since moving to Bristol, she has dipped her toes into Scottish step dance, English clog, Salsa, Flamenco, Arabic, Ballroom, Le-roc, Tango Argentino and Irish sets, but has never escaped from the lure of Scottish Country Dance. As a member of the RSCDS in Bristol she has been treasurer and edited the branch newsletter, and taught a weekly class for Westbury Scottish Club. She has served on the RSCDS Finance and General Purposes Committee, has taught at the RSCDS summer school in St Andrews, and has tutored dancers for the Dancing Achievement Award. She is an enthusiastic itinerant dancer and publicist for the RSCDS, an active member of the RSCDS International Branch, and is happy to travel miles to hear a fine band play and join in the dance. She especially likes to encourage others to dance, and has taught dancing in Scotland, England, Wales, the Channel Islands, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Canada and USA.

Russian dancers know her very well and admire her. In 2003 she organized the Scottish landing on the shores of Black Sea in Kuban with a week of workshops and dancing. In 2012 she gave a week-end workshop in Moscow.

Fiona taught Scottish Country, Step, Cape Breton and other hard shoe dancing at our School.


Malcolm Brown

Almost every dancer in Russia knows Malcolm. Many of us became acquainted with Scottish Dancing because of him.

Since 1972, when he got his teaching certificate, Malcolm has been taking part in lots of dancing schools and events in the UK and around the globe, including Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. He has been on the Management Board of the Society and now he is a Convenor of the Education and Training Committee. In 2012 he was awarded the Society’s Scroll of Honour in recognition of his services to Scottish Country Dancing. Malcolm is also known as the author of several dances.

Malcolm often visits Russia and his classes are always eagerly awaited by dancers. In 2013 he tutored students of the First Russian Spring School of Scottish Dancing in 10 day course for Part 1 of the teaching certificate.

Malcolm taught Scottish Country Dancing at our School.


James S. Stott

James knows everything about teaching. His contribution to development and life of the RSCDS is enormous and invaluable.

James has been dancing since 1965. He has participated in the Demonstration Team of the RSCDS Aberdeen Branch several times. Since receiving of the teaching certificate in 1994 he has been teaching in Aberdeen. Being the youth coordinator in the NE of Scotland he organized many events for young dancers. He was a member of the Youth Services Committee, the Education and Training Committee and the Management Board. He has taught many times on RSCDS Winter and Summer Schools. In particular, in 2013 James was a tutor on the RSCDS Unit 5 course in Saint Andrews. In 2015 James became the director of the RSCDS Summer School in Saint Andrews. He is also an adjudicator at the Newcastle Festival of Scottish Country Dancing. He leads many workshops throughout the whole world, including Europe, North America and Japan.

James was a tutor for Unit 2 and Unit 3 courses at our School. He also taught the final Scottish Country Dancing workshop.


Deryck Mitchelson

Deryck is one of the most famous Highland Dance teachers in the world. He won six Highland Dancing World Championships (in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1994 and 1995). He is also SOBHD judge and UKA examiner.

Deryck was born in a family of dancers, and he can’t remember himself without dance in his life. His first teacher was his mother Wilma Tolmie — Highland Dancing champion in 1965. His older brother Gareth won four Highland Dancing World Championships. Besides judging, teaching and participating in SOBHD, Deryck maintains Toeandheel.com website, which is widely known among Highland dancers. He also plays piano in Cutting Edge Ceilidh Band.

Deryck visited Russia for the first time. This is a great honour for our country and exciting news for everyone interested in Highland and Scottish National dancing.

Deryck judged Highland competitions and taught Highland classes at our school.