The Kingdom Club, Miass

Culture and Arts College, building 3, room 18; 3A Orlovskaya st., 456304 Miass, , Russia

The goal of our club is to revive the culture of European social dancing of XIX century.

The main directions of our club are:

  • Traditional ballroom dances: waltz, polka, mazurka, country dance, quadrille;
  • Scottish Country Dances;
  • Etiquette, history of the fashion, history of the dance.

Our club regularly organizes dancing events (balls, social dance evenings and parties) and trips to the balls in nearby towns. We prepare carefully for each ball for getting the most satisfaction from it.

We are really a club. We are joined by common interest in dancing. We order together dance shoes, look for historical stuff, sew dresses and buy textile. People meet in our club, here you can find new and faithful friends.

Any person older 17 can join us. You don't need to have special choreography training, only the wish to dance is important.

Thursday 18:30-20:00 - SCD, Irish dances
The timetable is subject of change, please check the group website for updates or contact the group.