Plaided Squad - Scottish Dancing

Sailor's club, 68 Svetlanskaya str., 690001 Vladivostok, , Russia

Plaided Squad is a Scottish Dance School in Vladivostok.

Highland dances are powerful and beautiful. Highland dances are solo athletic dances. Competitions in this dancing style are organized throughout the whole world. Russia is not and exception, competitions are held in Moscow and St. Petersburg twice a year. 

Ceilidh are simple and merry. Ceilidh dances (not to be confused with Irish "Ceili") are popular dances for holidays, suitable for people of any age and any physical condition. The dances are pair dances, often the partners change during the dance. 

Scottish Country Dances are noble and elegant. SCD are pair ballroom dances. They are danced on balls, receptions and holidays in sets consisting of 4 to 7 couples. These dances require more training than Ceilidh.

We will tell you about them, we will show you them, we will teach you them!