SCD Teacher Tools

Ask Google:

  • What was danced in Paris last year?
  • When was the last time I used that funny exercise for my class?
  • How many dances did we dance at that Sunday school in Moscow?
  • Which tunes from my collection are good for Aberdeen Hunt?
  • Which figures does my advanced group know?
  • Where is that last autumn's class which will be perfect for today's beginners once I've changed two dances?!
  • What was that amazing tune we had two classes ago?
  • Aren’t there too many reels in my ball programme?

Now close Google and ask someone who knows.

SCD Teacher Tools is a 10 year project. It started back when most Russian teachers used MiniCribs and Word search tools to prepare for classes. And, despite the various sources available today, this tool remains useful. There are a few reasons for it.

Dance search is not the main thing the project offers, even though it has no rivals in terms of speed and usability. The project allows the teachers to combine all the sources they have to make preparing for classes, lectures and balls fast and efficient. Your personal database integrated in a globally available system – that's what the project is, in a nutshell.

Your collection of music, dance descriptions, comments to dances, exercises, warm-up and stretching routines, projects of different classes, most common mistakes, lesson plans for the past years – you will have immediate access to all of that. But it's not just a storage. At each step you will have useful, carefully designed tools at your disposal.

Both the instruments and the database are designed to optimise teacher's work. Hence the name of the project. SCD teacher tools.


  • personal database, updated from the server
  • search, editing and dance analysis tools
  • tools for developing, editing and managing lesson plans
  • search settings for specific dance groups, ball programme analyser, teaching manager
  • search tools for your music collection


  • get detailed information on dances and music
  • prepare for classes, design and store lesson plans
  • use the programme as their musician and teaching assistant
  • make lists of dances for events and classes
  • swiftly react when the class setting changes


  • make and expand lists of favourite dances after each class and event
  • prepare for balls and social events at home and on the go


The programme scans your collection of music and chooses both suitable and original tunes for each dance. It supports MP3, WAV and AC3 formats. Automated name recognition identifies dances which have their original tunes. Using music search tools, you can play any tune for any dance from your collection. The programme is equipped with speed and volume control.


The database is stored on the server and is regularly updated by users. MiniCrib is chosen as the standard format of text descriptions as the most suitable for users from non-English-speaking countries. A full copy of database stored on your device allows you to use the programme offline.


OS: Windows 7 or newer
40MB storage space
Version for MAC OS available upon request.


Free. You can make a donation to support the project.

Download Windows Installer (34.7 MB)


You can support this project by making a donation