Scottish Dancing Group of the Studio "Beltane Bonfires"

DK Khuzangaya, 54A Zoi Yakovlekoy str., 428022 Cheboksary, , Russia

Studio of the traditional and folk dancing "Beltane Bonfires" is enrolling students to Scottish Country Dance & Ceilidh group.
Scottish dances are bright, positive dances, bringing mood of merry holiday. Scottish dances are the way of communicating with associates, they give the boundless pleasure of dancing, and help to keep fit. Without doubt, Scottish dancers are the happiest and the most long-living persons in the world, because when the lively tune starts to play, the time stops...
Is it a hobby or a professional passion? Of course it is hobby, but what a hobby! Your friends will envy you! Say them not no envy, but to come to our classes too! We invite everybody of any age and any dancing skills, come even if you have never danced before! Bring your dancing partner with you, if you have one. If not - it is not a problem, you will find a partner during our classes.
Every year at the end of January we organize the Scottish Culture Festival in Cheboksary with musical concerts, poetry evenings, exhibitions, dance workshops and displays.

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    • Evgeny - e-mail: ; phone: +7-937-385-13-27.
    • Irina - e-mail: ; phone: +7-927-842-04-73.

Tuesday 18:30-20:30 - SCD general group - 31 Mira prospekt
Saturday 15:00-16:45 - SCD general group - 54A Zoi Yakovlevoy str.
Saturday 17:00-18:45 - SCD advanced group - 54A Zoi Yakovlevoy str.
The timetable is subject of change, please check the group website for updates or contact the group.