SCD Tools Project

Please, support the SCD tools software project.

The project's objective

We aim to create non-commercial software for teachers of Scottish country dancing. This project is unique because it has been specially designed for teachers' use. The information in the database, its integration with the user's teaching materials, and the proposed set of tools provide make this software stand out from other similar programmes.

The project enables the users to

– store and find the information necessary for creating lesson plans (descriptions of dances, music, images, comments, warm-ups, exercises, sheet music);

– select the pieces of information relevant for planning or teaching a particular class;

– build up, store and find previously created lesson plans, or event programmes;

– assist a teacher in class, showing the information relevant to the current section of the lesson and timing the lesson;

– update the information in users' personal databases and share the updates with other users.

Software, its Functions and Features

The software provides a set of special tools for a teacher's everyday use:

– an integrated database with a search engine;

– a screen showing information enabling the rapid assessment and selection of dances, music and images;

– a tool for updating and adding information to the database;

– a tool for building up class plans or event programmes and selecting music;

– a tool for searching lesson plans and some particular information from them;

– a screen for controlling the course of the class with on-screen tools for showing relevant information, controlling the music and timing the class.

Database of the Project

The database contains over five thousand verbal descriptions of dances compiled from various sources (Minicrib,, printed publications) and additional information intended for teachers' use. The diagrams of the dances are downloaded automatically from the Internet sources provided you have access to the Web. The user can control access to his private database of diagrams, music and other materials. We are also planning to establish links to additional information sources (TAC notes, RSCDS Manual, external links to files).

Present State of the Project

A third, redesigned version of the project has been implemented and runs on Microsoft Windows (supported versions 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS platforms. In the near future we are planning to create mobile versions of the software (for iPads or Android devices) and add the function that will allow updating the information from the server and exchanging the updates with other users. Further development of the project will see the establishment of a help system, a toolkit for generating programs of balls and social dances, and Internet database storage with centralised access for data exchange.

Use of the Project

Over the past five years the software has been used on a regular basis by a number of teachers from Russia and the UK. Some European and American teachers have also been introduced to the project.

Support Required

To continue developing the project on Apple platforms (Mac OS, iOS) it is necessary to purchase the equipment that has so far been made available on a short-term lease. We need to raise 10,000 rubles (125 GBP / 140 eur).


Goal: 10000 / €140
52% Funded
1000 / €14 Raised
38 Sponsors


If you want to support the project, please transfer your donation using the details specified below. Available payment methods: Paypal, SBRF (for residents of Russia). For further enquiries, please, contact us at the email address provided.


For enquiries, contact us at email